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Regardless of your business background, be it a MNC, an SME or just an independent investor, as long as you have a passion for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and wish to develop TCM and grow a distance consultation concept from Canada, I cordially invite you to participate in realizing my vision and business plan.

1452946 Ontario Inc. in Canada has 20 years of experience in gaining valuable learning in establishing and developing clinical and business operations in Canada, and has laid the foundation and turnkey blueprints for further growth in every quadrant of the enterprise. In fact, very little investment is needed to make the project fly; even sufficient and affordable office space and equipment have been set aside to allow for instant growth. So, if you share my vision, have the resources, commitment and skill, it is time to join us and work together to grow the enterprise in Canada and beyond. The "Global TCM Distance Medical Consultation Platform" will be like no other and will be our main vehicle to serve health seekers around the world.

Together we can build and pursue a socially responsible global enterprise.
This is a rare but attainable opportunity to those who share our vision, including
those who are planning to immigrate to or start a business in Canada. Whatever
your motives, we would help you pursue your dream.

Please click here to let me share my vision, concepts and implementation plan with you.



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