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Welcome to Canada 39 Medical Center, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Herbs (2023)
Our Services
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Food Therapy
Tai Chi Exercise
Therapeutic Massage
Chinese English
All Kinds of Internal Disorders
Pain Management
Cancer/Critical Illness Support
Female & Children Wellness
Fertility Disorders
Healthy Aging
Immunity Boosting
Weight Management
Stress & Miscellaneous Disorders
We have moved to a new location ( Intersection of Esna Park and Denison )



An excellent Investment and Immigration Opportunity in Canada
We are looking for potential business partners or seasoned management people to help us drive the enterprise to new heights
If you are a Chinese Medicine enterprise or a TCM ,Practitioner, in Hong Kong or Canada
please click here to learn about the footprints of our TCM enterprise, and explore how you may participate.

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