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Daring to be part of "A Integrated TCM Enterprise" and "A Global TCM Distance Medical Consultation Platform"?

A Integrated TCM Enterprise

I am Paul LI, founder of 1452946 Ontario Inc. (39 Medical Center) of Canada. Since establishing this company in 2000, the use technology and the Internet have been pivotal in the growth of the enterprise, featured by the development of franchised clinics, wholesaling and distribution of herbal concentrates across Canada, launchingof a TCM clinic management software, periodic holding of TCM education series for professionals and health seekers, etc.

In the past 20 years, I have been pursuing my dream and vision to improve the health and quality of life of the general public by advancing the popularity of TCM as a low-cost health system, and generating handsome revenue along the way to strengthen and sustain this commitment.

The basic concept of a Global TCM Distance Medical Consultation Platform

Over the years, my company has made steady progress towards achieving these goals, and the time is ripe to take a great leap in expanding the TCM Enterprise and launching "A TCM Global Distance Medical Consultation Platform". Such a noble cause, if successful, will bring substantial and recurrent returns to those willing to invest and engage.

Prior to retiring, the founder wishes to find interested parties with liked minds to pursue the following strategic directions:

(1) expanding the Markham flagship into a multi-clinic by inviting other health disciplines such as physiotherapy, chiropractic therapy and massage therapy .

(2) expanding and growing the distributorship of Health Canada approved China Resources herbal extracts by making them a preferred choice for practitioners and health seekers at large;

(3) expanding the franchised clinic network across Canada to help individual practitioners start their own clinic to serve the public in their locality.

(4) establishing a Canadian headquarters of a Global TCM Distance Consultation Platform, not just making it technologically possible but also strengthening infrastructural support including the availability of medicinal supplies around the world and enhancing ethical awareness and commitment to boostparticipants' confidence.

(5) raising community awareness of Chinese medicine as a low-cost holistic health system and advocating a self-responsible healthy life style and healthy aging to reduce reliance on the public health system and its resources.

(6) developing a charity chapter when pursuing a self-financing and sustainable business.

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